About Dansø

Personal commitment and a high level of service are our trademark.

We all always have those two things in our bag when we go to work. If you would like a business partner who makes an extra effort to make your insurances manageable and transparent, we have developed a Dansoe collaboration process that does exactly that for you. At Dansoe you get the overview, the right tools and current advice delivered by personally committed brokers who work for you and your interests.

Dansoe collaborates with both Danish and international insurance companies. And of course we are a member of the Insurance Brokers Association – fmf.dk

Well trained insurance brokers

Dansoe consists of more than 40 committed insurance brokers and insurance broker assistants distributed throughout the country. We work closely together and draw on each other’s skills in the challenge of giving you the best possible terms and offers, regardless of the industry you are in. In fact, in some industries we have such great expertise that we dare to call ourselves among the country’s leading advisers .

Complaints officer: According to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s order no. 1264 of 08.12.2006, an insurance brokerage must appoint a person responsible for complaints. At Dansø, it is Michael Andersen, tel. 97 25 27 95.


Dansoe insurancebrokers does not receive commissions or other forms of payment from the insurance companies, just as we have also opted out of all types of agency agreements. We do not want to get into a situation where doubts may arise about our impartiality.

Dansoe usually recommends agreeing a fixed annual fee with the company based on the current workload. The honorarium is therefore independent of the premium payment to the insurance company. In this way, there can never be any doubt about our impartiality, as our settlement does not constitute a percentage of the premiums.

Likewise, at Dansoe, it is not permitted to set a fee on the basis of any savings in connection with a tendering round. We agree in advance what a tender for the company’s insurance will cost.

Comprehensive insurance

If you have a valid comprehensive insurance in a Danish insurance company, it gives you access to SOS assistance abroad in accordance with the red card’s coverage.

NOTE: if you have comprehensive insurance in Tryg – then you need a special card delivered from Tryg. Tryg is not connected to the usual SOS assistance. The red card provides the opportunity to receive the following assistance abroad in the event of a traffic accident or in the event of a stoppage of operations.

  • Towing/roadside assistance
  • Rental vehicle
  • Home transport of vehicle
  • Return home from the scene of the accident by plane, train or ship.
  • Procurement/shipment of spare parts
  • Possibility of loans for repairs

Job opportunities

Dansoe insurance is a Danish brokerage house organized on/as a franchise basis/franchise based. Where all approved insurance brokers are established as independent franchise companies.


Dansoe has a privacy policy in place which provides you with information about your rights, confidentiality and how we process your personal data.


Our goal is for you to get a clear overview of your insurance commitments.